No two customers are identical. Neither are two visits of the same customer. ZineOne can predict the likelihood to purchase in 5 clicks for anonymous consumers and engage them in session.


Lift in revenue per visitor


Lift in conversion rate for a targeted audience


Reduction in margin loss


ZineOne has delivered over $1 billion dollars in new revenue for our customers using real-time intelligence to deliver hyper-personalized in-the moment experiences. We'd love to show you what we can do for your company.

With so many variables in the consumer’s journey, we are excited to be partnering with ZineOne to help us identify the best way to engage, including product recommendations, in real-time, taking into account each site visitor’s unique preferences and way of shopping.

— Dave Raggio

Former Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, The North Face

Vendor [ZineOne] delivered what they promised 3 weeks earlier than due date and provided 2x the ROI. All vendor teams (e.g., Sales, Technical Sales, Executives, Data Scientists and Managers) were very professional, curious and very knowledgeable of their respectable areas. Product is working as designed and was highly customizable to our needs.

 — Sr. Innovation and Emerging Technology Engineer

Top 10 Company in the Communications Industry